Working Group meeting update

Date Added 18 November 2019

Following our open meeting in August, we now have a Working Group of 12 residents who are consulting with the Management Company and Northamptonshire County Council Highways to act as the voice of the residents around matters affecting people living on Priors Hall Park.

The Group represents different areas of the development and are able to put forward a variety of views, concerns and opinions to ascertain what solutions can be found for the benefit of Priors Hall Park as a whole. Ultimately we all want to make Priors Hall Park as safe as possible for everyone.

Three meetings have taken place so far, the first was to discuss the remit of the group and decide on areas for discussion. The second focused on covenants, in particular trade vehicles and parking and this week’s meeting looked at possible traffic management policies with input from Highways.

No decisions will be made without open consultations, allowing every resident the chance to view and comment on the suggestions.

The Working Group discussions and findings so far;

Trade vehicles
The Group have discussed trade vehicles in terms of clarification and possible restrictions within a future Road Traffic Order (RTO). At this time we can confirm that the covenant restricting trade vehicles is still applicable, but once the roads are adopted restricting parking trade vehicles on the adopted roads would no longer be an option, although through the RTO we can still put a restriction on the size of trade vehicles allowed. The opinion of the Group was that trade vehicles should be allowed on PHP, however they should be able to fit into the footprint of a standard single garage on PHP in length (6.1m), width (3m) and height (2.4m). 

To discuss with residents at consultation meeting

Whilst we have discussed parking permits, yellow lines and RTOs, we are still in the exploratory stage, discussing which roads require attention and taking advice from the Highways department, who will ultimately be responsible for the roads when they are adopted. A plan will be drafted to include where yellow lines would benefit areas, taking into account the safety of all residents on the development, whilst still allowing enough on-road parking for the homes on PHP. 

To discuss with residents at consultation.

Pavement Parking

Pavement parking was also discussed with the options of putting in place a “Pavement Parking Ban” throughout PHP. A Pavement Parking Ban would require a percentage of residents to confirm their agreement (a threshold would be set). 

To discuss with residents at consultation.

If there are subjects you would like the group to discuss or you would like to put your thoughts forward for discussion, please email us at [email protected]