Neighbourhood Association



In September 2012 a group of residents got together and formed Priors Hall Park Neighbourhood Association to collectively represent the views of residents. We are supported by Corby Borough Council. A team of 14 (maximum) meet regularly to discuss roads, security, noise, odour impact, dog poo, parking and other issues. A social team organise Fun Days, Fizzy Fridays, Quiz Nights, Coffee Mornings, etc. Each area of the development Is represented, and we attempt to resolve issues and work with Urban & Civic to make Priors Hall Park the ideal place to live. Open Meetings with residents are held six times each year. Our publication “PARK NEWS” is very much “home-made” and is freely delivered each quarter to all homes on Priors Hall Park. In September, at our AGM, residents have the opportunity to vote for who they want to represent them. A lot of time is freely given by those who serve. Our current team includes three founder members.


See more on Priors Hall Park Neighbourhood Association website


Mike Haddock
Member of PHPNA