Open Space Management

Details of Work
Estimated Time

Grass cutting of road side verges and amenity grassland

Grass will be cut on a 7-10 day cycles from April to November although this is subject to change depending on weather conditions. Grass for amenity grassland and road side verges should not exceed levels of 75 - 100mm.

Mowing heights will be set to achieve levels of 51mm on roadside verges and 36mm on amenity grass areas (Town Garden segments). Grass will be kept maintained to give a neat, tidy and consistent finish. In periods of stress grass will be kept longer to help maintain a healthy sward and aid in recovery.  At no point will more the 1/3rd of the grass blade be removed, this reduces the risk of disease and an unsightly appearance. 

7-10 Day Cycle

Habitat grass management

Three cuts per year, depending on growth patterns.

Grass will be left to grow and will be cut once in spring and twice at the back end August/start of September.

Height of cut will be no lower than 50mm 

Three cuts per year

Hedge and Shrub cutting

Shrub cutting will be carried out four times per year after flowering and seasonal interest.

Hedging is cut to maintain form and height while encouraging healthy and full growth which will be twice yearly spring and summer. 

Four Times Per Year


Weeds are controlled by manual removal and herbicide application.

Herbicide application is carried out by spot spraying weed growth between blocks and on kerb edges with applications being carried out once every 4-6 weeks in the growing season (normally March – October)

Hand weeding is carried out every 3-4 weeks growth dependant. The team will use hand tools to remove growth between shrub and flower beds. 

All Year Round

Litter Pick and Bin emptying

We have over 28 litter bins and 12 dog waste bins across the development, these bins are emptied every Monday and Friday and during the week when required. The empty dates may move by 1 or 2 days to accommodate public holidays and unforeseen circumstances.

Litter picking is also carried out across the development on a Monday and Friday. Whilst grass cutting the team will also collect any litter in their path.

Twice a Week

Leaf collection

Leaf collection is carried out weekly from November until all leaves are collected.

Weekly Cycle

Fertiliser application

An organic fertiliser is applied to the open spaces, roadside verges and shrub beds on a quarterly basis to assist with the healthy establishment of these areas..

Four Times Per Year