What’s it like to live at Priors Hall Park?

Date Added 22 October 2021

Urban&Civic, the owners of Priors Hall Park, would like to know!

Tell them what you think about your home and neighbourhood and you could win £100 vouchers!

YourQOL is a survey that gives you the opportunity to provide feedback about your life at Priors Hall Park.

Its purpose is to help you to influence what happens in your local area, and for Urban&Civic to make improvements to Priors Hall Park and other similar developments.


The survey has been created by the Quality of Life Foundation and takes about 15-20 minutes to fill in. Residents will also receive a flyer through your door encouraging you to take part.

The Quality of Life Foundation is an independent research organisation that provides the opportunity for residents to give feedback about their homes and their local area. Results from this consultation programme will be shared with you, the residents, and Urban&Civic and any comments you leave will be anonymised.

All data received will be processed by Commonplace on behalf of the Quality of Life Foundation, and kept in accordance with relevant data protection legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). This survey is a pilot project, and if successful will be carried out on a regular basis to inform future plans. For more information go to: yourqolpriorshallpark.commonplace.is/