Council Information

Priors Hall Park has three tiers of local government responsible for different services;

  • Local Government

    Northamptonshire County Council

    Responsible for services across the whole of Northamptonshire, including; social services, educations, highways, waste and recycling, libraries and country parks.

    Corby Borough Council & East Northamptonshire Council

    Responsible for local services depending where you live in the park, these include; council tax collections and waste collection.


  • Elected Representatives

    Member of Parliament

    Priors Hall Park is in Constituency of Corby and East Northamptonshire, which is represented by Tom Pursglove MP (Conservative)

    [email protected]
  • County Council Division Members

    Priors Hall Park is in the Corby division of Northamptonshire County Council, which is represented by:

    Councillor Sandra Naden-Horley (Conservative)

    Corby Rural

    07944 213860

    [email protected]

    Councillor Julie Brookfield (Labour)

    Corby West

    07762 206576

    [email protected]

  • District Council Ward Members

    Priors Hall Park is in the ward of Weldon & Gretton, which is represented by:

    Councillor Robert McKellar (Conservative)

    Councillor Kevin Watt (Conservative)

    Councillor Bridget Watts (Conservative)

  • Parish Council

    Priors Hall Park is in the Weldon Parish. For more information about the Parish, visit their website:

    Or you can contact the Chair (Larry Gardener) or their Clerk (Juliet Lewis) on 075832 767603 or [email protected] .

    The Parish Council meet on the first Monday of the month, mostly in the village hall at 7pm. Please check their website for more information on meetings.