Stay home on Priors Hall Park

Date Added 21 April 2020

While we're staying at home on Priors Hall Park we thought we'd put together some helpful guides together to help you get through your time at home, including recipes and educational tips.

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Do you need some help?

We've got an amazing community on Priors Hall Park and we’ve had lots of queries about how people can help those who are self-isolating and need support; whether its shopping, medication or just a friendly chat.  

If you are self-isolating and need help, please display the red poster. We urge neighbours to keep an eye out for them and respond by putting the support slips below through their letterbox.

Display the yellow poster to help advise anyone delivering to your door.

Click here to download self-isolation poster

Click here to download support slip

If you are unable to download and print at home, please feel free to contact us on 01536 428758 for help.


Stay safe