Statement from the Director

Date Added 18 June 2019

Dear residents

I have been forwarded a copy of a post which appeared on Facebook about the cycle lanes and parking on the Avenue. Please see my comments below.

My colleague Carly Cullen and I attended a resident's surgery in The Good Bean café on the afternoon of Thursday 13th June. At the meeting I had a conversation with a resident who wanted to pass on their own and other residents' concerns regarding parking and the cycle lane along The Avenue.

I informed the resident that the cycle lanes had always been part of the planning approval and that S38 drawings have already been submitted to Northamptonshire County Council Highways for technical approval. As the cycle lane signs form part of the finished works, they have now been installed.

Managing parking on the site, along with parking trade vehicles, continues to be an issue. Even with the covenants in place, policing parking is not straightforward.

I have recently been in talks with the Priors Hall Park Neighbourhood Association (PHPNA) about organising a meeting with residents; then going forward the possibility of forming a panel of 5 or 6 residents who would meet regularly with Priors Hall Park Management Limited (PHPML) staff. It would be a focus group to look at ways to manage the increasing parking issues on site as well as other matters arising from the covenants and work together to ensure that the ethos that PHPML, PHPNA and many residents have, continues to enhance our wonderful community. PHPNA do, and always have done an amazing job for the community and this would not replace or change anything that PHPNA currently do.

Priors Hall Community Centre has been booked for Wednesday 10th July from 7pm to 8pm to begin the discussion and we will be advertising the event over the next couple of days. To follow up, we will be attending the PHPNA Residents Meeting on Thursday 18th July, where we can hopefully begin to move these issues forward.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Paula O'Brien
Director of Priors Hall Park Management Ltd