Resident's meeting update

Date Added 11 July 2019

Last night (Wednesday 10 July) the Priors Hall Park Management team and a number of residents met to discuss the future of the Park and to find out what the main concerns are for the community living in the Park.

With nearly 1200 occupied homes, it vital that we can communicate information freely, ensure that residents’ voices are heard and, wherever possible, work together to guarantee that Priors Hall Park continues to be a beautiful and sort after place to live.

Residents who attended the meeting raised concerns about various issues including parking, cycle paths and trade vehicles around the development and agreed it was extremely important we work together to find the best way forward.

Next steps

It was agreed that a second meeting would be arranged (see date below) to encourage more residents to have an input into the decisions being made, that will affect the community going forward, regarding parking on the development, cycle lanes and trade vehicles, the introduction of parking restrictions and enforcements.

At the next meeting we would like to appoint a committee of residents, representing all areas of Priors Hall Park, to work with PHPML. The committee will help decide the best course of action to resolve the issues raised and to work together to create a pleasant and safe environment going forward.

 A leaflet inviting you all to this meeting will be delivered to every home by the end of July.

Next meeting Wednesday 7th August 2019 at 7pm in the Community Centre