Priors Hall Park parking survey

Date Added 02 August 2021

**The survey is now closed. All responses are now being collated and an anonymised summary will be published in due course**



Priors Hall Park is a community to be proud of. It offers a growing list of amenities alongside formal and informal green open spaces. As the Park grows, we want to ensure that the area continues to be a pleasant and safe place for residents and visitors to enjoy.

In response to concerns regarding pedestrian and road safety, Priors Hall Park Management Ltd set up a working group to try and find an effective solution.

Every resident will receive a booklet this week containing background information, current parking regulations and draft proposals regarding potential parking restriction. This booklet forms the first stage of the process which is an informal consultation with all residents on Priors Hall Park. No decisions will be made without allowing every resident the opportunity to view and comment on the suggested plans.

The survey will be open for a 3-week period between 2 August 2021 - 20 August 2021 and we would like to hear from as many residents as possible during this time. Please provide as much information as you can when responding. It is vital for us to have your full feedback to help shape the future of Priors Hall Park.