Landscape management of the Scheduled Ancient Monument field on Flaxland Way

Date Added 23 May 2019

As part of the outline permission granted on the site there is a requirement to protect the archaeological remains on the Little Weldon Roman villa. A ‘Heritage Management Plan’ has been created by Cotswold Archaeology and been informed by detailed desk-based research, in consultation with Historic England and the archaeological advisor to the Local Planning Authority.

In accordance with the agreed Heritage Management Plan the landscape has to be maintained in a way in which machinery does not compromise the shallow nature of the archaeological features. The following maintenance proposals have been agreed between Historic England, the Local Planning Authority, Cotswold Archaeology and Urban&Civic.

  • Grass paths – grass paths are to be mown into the field weekly, or as required at a height of 30mm
  • Amenity area – mown fortnightly, or as required to a height of 70mm maintaining the grass at a slightly longer height thus minimising the risk of ground disturbance
  • Meadow grass – cut twice yearly, maintained as a longer sward to denote the area of archaeological interest and provide ecological habitat

This plan shows the extent of the archaeological remains on the field and provides a key detailing the location of the various heights of cuts.