Estates team update

Date Added 30 October 2020

As Priors Hall Park, and more importantly the amount of greenspace we take care of grows, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our service and offer value for money.

With a small in-house estates team, we continue to maintain a high standard, but as we grow we are aware that this will become increasingly difficult. With that in mind we have made the decision to outsource the green space maintenance from Monday 2 November 2020.

For you as residents, nothing much will change. All office staff will remain the same and all our rules and regulations will be managed in the same way. The same estates team staff will still be on site working, and following an extensive tender process they will now be employed by the CGM Group Limited, who will be carrying out the general maintenance of the site as normal.

The decision to outsource was a purely economic one. It allows us to increase the standards without raising the maintenance charges. CGM Group have the infrastructure to ensure that a quality service is provided 52 weeks a year, to the highest standard, with a national support network. Making this change will ensure that there is always a full team on site covering staff holidays and sickness. With the CGM Group carrying out the works, the quality management of the service is transparent for home owners.

Priors Hall Park Management will be invited to submit an annual satisfaction survey, which you as residents can be instrumental in, and will assist in an annual grading being provided on the performance of the CGM Group.

Our aim is to create a much more accountable process for you as home owners.