A message from Larkfleet Homes

Date Added 14 December 2020

We have recently removed the cabins at the site compound due to needing to progress with the build out of the 4 houses located at our site car park.

We currently have 10 houses being worked on, both externally and internally, with an additional 6 houses to be built in order to complete build works in our parcel.

Our plan is to be finished on site and have all houses built, completed and handed over to new home buyers by March 2021 (weather dependant).

We understand that this has been a testing time for residents with the ongoing works, and also mud on roads which has been a big concern for all. We have therefore contracted a road sweeper for site, Monday-Friday to try and reduce the mud issues.

As we reduce the size of the working site, we have minimal parking areas on site for our Sub Contractors, unfortunately our Sub contractors will need to park where possible. Rest assured that I have asked them not to park in front of occupied properties' driveways.

If anyone has any concerns or queries, I am currently located in Plot 135 on Kestrel Road. Please feel to come to the office to chat with me regarding any concerns with the site. Although I must stipulate that we do so in a COVID compliant manner.

We can only apologise if there has been issues with parking and mud on the road. We will continue to make sure that we move forward with completing the works as quickly and safely as possible causing the minimum of disruptions as possible.

Many thanks in advance for your understanding and continued support.

Dave Smith
Larkfleet Homes site manager for the phase 3 ongoing works