U&C news update for w/c 20 May 2019

Date Added 22 May 2019

Drainage work in the Nature Reserve behind Harrier Close and the effect on black top works to Kestrel Road (Gretton Road - Harrier Close)

Please find set out below an update on the completion of the surfacing works on Kestrel Road and the drainage works excavated and exposed at the end of last year which as you are probably aware are connected.

The main issue with the drainage relates to fact that during our due diligence to have the roads and drainage adopted by NCC/IWNL our engineers found, via a CCTV survey, that a number of lengths of pipework have been distorted in the area of Kestrel Road. Consequently our engineers had to carry out visual investigative works within the drainage pipework including the area exposed at the end of last year. As you would imagine this has had to be undertaken in a methodical and controlled manner with the correct temporary works and risk mitigation in place. These survey works were completed in February and issued to our structural consultant for analysis. As part of the analysis, the structural engineer confirmed that the drainage around Kestrel Road was, as we thought from initial inspection, stable and had occurred before Urban & Civic purchased the development. A feasibility study then followed from which two preferred remediation methods were selected and specialists approached to both test the feasibility of the solution and also to provide and confirm a methodology for undertaking these works which would cause as little disturbance to the residents in the vicinity.

The works require either replacing the damages pipes with new pipes or inserting new pipes within the old and grouting around them. As the pipes are located 6-8m below the surface this is not something that can be done overnight or without considerable planning. These works will cost between £1-£1.5m so we want to get the solution correct.

One such exercise has concluded and the second option is likely to be concluded within the next four weeks, following which we shall provide further information as to the proposed works.

Providing that the second option does not preclude the completion of the wearing course on Kestrel Road, then this will be completed as originally planned, albeit there is likely to be some notional resurfacing work necessary as part of the internal drainage repairs, probably towards the end of this year. The exposed excavation works will be reinstated towards the end of the drainage remediation period.

We shall advise further on the actual dates for surfacing shortly.

Castlerock Drive road closure

Please be aware that contractors Breheny, under instruction from Urban&Civic, are carrying out finishing works to the footpath along a section of London Road.

As part of these works, we will be installing a raised pedestrian crossing at the southern end of Castlerock Drive where it joins London Road. This work is scheduled to be started on Thursday 23rd May and should be finished by end of work Friday 24th May.

In order to undertake the work safely, it will be necessary to close the junction of Castlerock Drive and London Road for the duration. Diversion signs will be in place. 

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience these works may cause and thank you for your understanding.

Footpath finishing works on London Road

Please be advised that we are carrying out finishing works to the footpath along a section of London Road.

This work is scheduled to be ongoing for the next four weeks, with the final surfacing visit scheduled to start W/C 3rd June.

Prior to this final surfacing, contractors Breheny will be undertaking remedial works along the footpath to replace any damaged edgings or kerbs and resolve any issues with the footpath formation. This will unfortunately involve localised areas of disruption throughout the work period.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience these works may cause and thank you for your understanding.