Blog: Preparing your plants for winter

Date Added 28 February 2020

We're excited to bring you a new series of blogs; sharing the latest news, information and tips from the team at Priors Hall Park. From landscaping to construction, we'll be regularly updating you with what's going on throughout the Park. Our first blog offers crucial advice on how to prepare and look after your festive plants this season:

Hi, I’m Scott (Scott Mechan - there are two of us!) and I’m the Landscape Supervisor on site. I have been asked to compile a regular blog for residents which will consist of seasonal tips for maintaining your garden, so you will be hearing a lot more from me in the future. 


Now that the festive season is well and truly here, why not decorate your homes and gardens with some festive plants? You don’t have to deck the halls primarily with boughs of holly, why not introduce a variety of long-lasting plants to keep the Christmas cheer around for that bit longer? I'd suggest some Amaryllis or Poinsettia for some seasonal indoor colour. If you have a traditional indoor Christmas tree in a pot, be sure to keep it watered to prevent the needles dropping off, especially when the central heating is keeping your house so toasty. As a guide, the soil in the pot should be moist.

In the garden

In the garden, be sure to collect leaves from the grass to let in the light and prevent dead patches appearing. If it is a mild one and grass is still growing, it is ok to cut, but I'd recommend raising your mower height to reduce the chance of shock in the grass. When the weather turns, try and avoid walking over frozen grass in the garden as this can scorch the ground and damage the grass. Try and gather all potted plants together and cover with frost protectors on those cold nights. Adding mulch to plants in the winter can also help to keep the root zone warmed up and free from frost. Winter pruning of wisteria, roses and the like can start now.


Why not try to create your own festive Wreath, be it from plants or other quirky ideas? This is a good website for tips to make your own Festive decorations, we look forward to seeing some of them appear on your front doors!

If you have any garden related questions or queries, send them to [email protected] and I will try and help and advise where at all possible.

Merry Christmas!